You might need a marketing automation consultant if….

When you need a Marketing Automation Consultant

Marketing Automation is a profession that seems a bit mysterious outside of the marketing world. My family jokes that my job is like Chandler’s job on Friends – no one really knows or understands what I do. And people inside the marketing world may also feel same about marketing automation – especially when they are asked to implement this mysterious software. Do you have the right people in place to implement marketing automation or in order to implement marketing automation do need a consultant?

Many marketing automation platforms are marketed and sold as an out of the box experience – that once opened you will be able to immediately convert and report on leads and conversions. And many could possibly be if you have the right people in place but depending on your needs you may need a marketing consultant to get you where you want to go. Also, using a marketing automation consultant may save your marketing team money as they can get right to your end goals immediately.

I started doing marketing automation as a junior level employee that was previously doing just email marketing – batch and blast. And we sat with marketing automation doing batch and blast for quite a while until we got the hang of it and had the sales and marketing team onboard. Marketing Automation was the new technology and they needed someone to take email marketing to the next level. If I was working with a marketing automation consultant at the time of onboarding, marketing automation could have immediately run instead of the slow pace after marketing automation was implemented. As we have worked with companies these are four of the reasons companies have needed a marketing automation consultant:

Here are a few reasons you may want a marketing automation consultant:

You immediately want to run with marketing automation
Your company just bought a marketing automation tool and you have some immediate goals you want to report on and know that your team can’t do that as fast as you are getting trained. With each contract you may receive training with your marketing automation software which may take 2 months but are hoping to launch emails, set up reporting and create nurture campaigns that are ready to go. You could negotiate that into your marketing automation contract but if it’s too late for that you may want to reach out to a consultant to set these up for you while your team is training and learning how to use marketing automation. That consultant may also give you some great tips going forward and ways to best utilize your training. Having some immediate results may also be a kick in the pants for your team to show the power of marketing automation.

You have had marketing automation for 6 months – 1 year and aren’t getting the results you had hoped
Studies show that if you have had marketing automation for a year and are still using it as a batch and blast tool it may stay like that. Is that how you feel with your marketing automation tool? You can bring in a marketing automation consultant to move marketing automation beyond an email batch and blast tool and create reports that show things you would like to see.

You want to audit your marketing automation tool
Have you been using your marketing automation tool for a while – it is a mess to find things and you aren’t sure it is syncing to your CRM accurately? Call a marketing automation consultant. A few quick tests can be done to make sure everything is syncing correctly. Nothing can devalue your marketing automation tool like bringing zero results to your marketing and sales team.

You have some great ideas to nurture leads and aren’t sure how to put the pieces together within your marketing automation software
You know have found key spots on your website that you could segment and reach out to but aren’t sure how meet that need within marketing automation tool. A marketing automation consultant can use your plan and set it up so it is running how you like as well as pulling the reports you want to see.

Do you feel like your team is rocking it and blowing marketing automation out of the water. That’s awesome! Or could you use a little wind in your marketing automation sails – that is great too and a consultant could help you use marketing automation more efficiently in the future and give a great boast to your team. Or are you just inheriting a marketing automation system and you don’t know where the heck things are or what the heck is running? These are a just few reasons we have seen people need assistance. Now what does Chandler Bing do again? 

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