Get the Hook


My kids are obsessed with Moana. They love the scene with Tamatoa the shiny crab and his song Shiny. Especially when he sings “get the hook” in his song Shiny as Maui tries to steal back his beloved hook. He knew what Maui wanted…and he knew what would make Maui transform into a shark, a lizard or an eagle to get done what needed to be done. THAT is what a list is for your marketing team – your hook. Your list is your beloved hook. Are your emails not delivering? Are you not reaching who you want to? Get the list. That will transform your marketing deliverables to get you where you need to go. Get the list. How do you get that list with mailable REACHABLE contacts that want to hear about your products and offerings? Because they are out there. People want to hear about your products.

Your list is gold. Have you worked hard on building a reputable list? Or have you bought a list and crossed your fingers those dollars will turn into interested contacts.  I have worked with bought lists and seen some with a 40% bounce rate and Pardot emailing to see why you sent email out to such an un-reputable list.

How do you build a list? It takes time. It takes strategy. It takes content and constant re-evaluation. Some ways to build your lists is to offer content, content and more content. For content that is high value have users pay for it with their email address. You will build your list. In my opinion, it is better to pay for content than for lists.

Building a list is not sexy and it isn’t immediate but it is worth it. Growing content builds your brand and shows your dedication to your clients that you want to continue to offer them information to grow their business.

Have questions about building a list? Reach out! We often work with marketing teams who need to grow their list and help build strategy on what to do once that list is built.

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