Changes to Marketing Automation During this Quirky Year

This year has brought so much change to our day to day business. This time last year the US saw its first reported Coronovirus case. I saw a CNN report for 140,00 job losses in December! ALL of these losses were women! What a step back for our rapidly changing world. Personally I have had to step back a ton due to childcare and virtual schooling for my young kids – this has absolutely been a tough year for us and so many. But amongst these dire changes we have also seen changes to our every day marketing technologies.

The Sykes Marketing team uses a few different marketing automation platforms with clients from Pardot, Hubspot and even ConvertKit. We try to understand different technologies that would be a great fit for each marketing team.

Pardot is a top software we use often. We have seen various changes this year when it comes to Pardot. Is your team looking at switching to Pardot or using Pardot for the first time? Check out some of the advancements that Pardot has made this year.

Hubspot is also a marketing automation platform we use with our teams. Hubspot is constantly making updates and working hard at making sure their customers know their updates. You can find their products on their blog and all the changes they have been making.

I know marketing automation and technology challenges pale in comparison to the hard realities we see daily in this rapidly changing world. But as we approach those technology changes our team is working day in and day out to meet those needs. All the other ones we are listening and hoping for a brighter 2021 with you. 

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